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On Purpose

Young people are living in fear of what others think and are crippled by expectations set by family or society. They have no idea who God created them to be or become. They struggle with career choices and what kind of future they want to cultivate for themselves.


I guide people to find the purpose each was created for based on their specific gifts, talents, and interests. I show them how to master the skills to turn their purpose into a profitable and fulfilling future. Using 2 Timothy as a foundational reference, I use the Word of God to guide each person to find and harness the power of Jesus to fulfill the calling God created them for! 

Audiences will learn:

- That they have a specific purpose and calling

- How to figure out what that is

- How to build the skills around that purpose so they can build the lifestyle of their dreams


My dream is to raise up an entire generation that never has to have a midlife crisis because they are confident in who they were created to be and how to become the best possible version of themselves. 

Let's celebrate you!

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