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Discipleship Sign up!

Learn how to follow the Holy Spirit's leading, share the gospel, and build lasting friendships with like-valued people your age.

Proven Curriculum

This study has planted 60,000+ microchurches around the world! 


Coursework + Mentorship

Learn how to tell people your God story without being pushy, sketchy, or making Jesus look bad. Get ongoing support from your Disciplemaker to get through or celebrate the everyday things that happen in your life. while learning how to care this way for others.



Make deep meaningful friends who are like-valued and people you ACTUALLY want to hang out with.



Breaking bread is an important New Testament staple of these trainings. A family-style meal will be provided each week. 



We meet in person every Sunday in Palm Beach Gardens. Family Dinner is served at 5:30 and study runs from 6-8 pm. 

New collectives of disciples will begin on different schedules as we grow. 

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