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There is enough divisiveness and hate in the world.

I'm fed up! Humans are more easily connected because of technology, yet we are more relationally disconnected than ever before. Parents can't get through to their kids, pastors and teachers can't connect with their audience. Peers are legitimately afraid to approach one another and start a conversation. Romantic relationships are ending faster and more often than ever in history. I’m not willing to accept this as the new normal. We were made to live in a community with one another, to do life alongside other people. I know that God has better for each of us.

Let's start connecting with people again!

Knowing how to recognize and adapt to different personality and communication types gives someone a chance to approach conversations from a place of compassion and love first. When we come from a place of genuine love first, other people are less defensive and more open to connecting. By leaving judgment at the door we can form deeper more meaningful connections. These skills can be applied to every relationship in life from the person bagging your groceries to your CEO. Even your clients and vendors will be more open to real, meaningful, and impactful conversations. We are bridging the generational, gender, faith, race, & political aisles allowing everyone’s gifts and talents to shine!

Using communication skills developed through psychological, anthropological and Biblical study proven over many years, as well as real-life experience I can open doors to connections you have never imagined with people you may have been afraid to approach in the past. Broken relationships can be healed, new relationships can be created in a healthy way and current relationships can grow!


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