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Love First Project


Humans are more easily connected because of technology, yet we are more relationally disconnected than ever before. Parents can't get through to their kids, pastors and teachers can't connect with their audience. Peers are legitimately afraid to approach one another and start a conversation. Romantic relationships are ending faster and more often than ever in history. I’m not willing to accept this as the new normal. We were made to live in a community with one another, to do life alongside other people. I know that God has better for each of us.

Audiences will learn:

- Why communication is broken

- Why it is important to create immediate and lasting life change

- How to make small shifts that create a huge impact

The Love First Project talk covers the reasons communication isn't working, and the why and how behind how we are trying to connect with others. Offering real solutions with immediate results, this talk is perfect for teens, young adults,  and parents. 

Let's start enjoying meaningful connections with people again!

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