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ON Purpose FOR a purpose

Empowering Teens and Young Adults to reach the full potential of who they were created to Be and Become by helping them determine their purpose and the skills they will need to fulfill that role.


SaraJane started her first company at 19 years old and never looked back. Partnering in over a dozen businesses and mentoring  200 more, she has worked with people of all generations, races, and faiths in vastly different businesses, dreams, and goals. 


She saw quickly that most people struggled with he same issues. They weren't confident in who they were. They weren't sure about who they could be. They didn't know how to get from this place in life to the place they envisioned.  This is why she created the On Purpose, 4C Corporate Training, and founded the Love First Project. It's not just talking the talk, see how we walk the walk by putting it all together with the Skilled Learning Platform.


Confident, passionate, and intentional, SaraJane applies her years of experience to bring an empowering, funny, and truly life-changing insight into becoming the Best Possible Version of Yourself. 



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