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"Teens are training to be successful adults. We owe it to them to give them all the skills they will need to THRIVE now, and for years to come."

Legit SaraJane- Behavior Stratgies Consultant

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Download the FREE mobile app to start creating the family lifestyle of your dreams while raising your teens to THRIVE! 

Get instant access to Legit SaraJane's exclusive courses, challenges, and videos, with available communities, goal tracking, and MORE.​​

Grow when you're inspired, not required with 24/7 access and the ability to watch... or listen, podcast style, while you do other things!

Grow as an individual by breaking toxic habits and developing healthy habits, as the Parent or Teen.


Choose the strategies and systems that work best for your specific family, lifestyle, and goals

Intentionally designed with 2 Free membership types: a specific one for the Parents and another for the Teens.


Each section offers Age-appropriate content and context for each group to engage with while covering the same important topics like- communication, connection, responsibility, and becoming the Best Possible Version of Yourself.


Ensuring that parents and Teens stay on the same page as you grow together and alongside each other!


The app is a GREAT way to get started or as an addition to your private coaching!​​

Private Coaching

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Speaking, Group Coaching, Retreats, and more!
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"I have never met a single individual who can change your thought process in one sentence. An individual who not only wants to make others better but wants to make the world better."

-Mari (Mom of 13 yr old)

Don't wait. Your family is Worth It!