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Project Heaven-Discipleship & Seminary

Project Heaven is a young adult ministry designed to raise up an entire generation who can step confidently into adulthood knowing who they were created to be and become.  We aim to deepen their confidence in who GOD created them as in his image,     to spread the gospel, and to

 Make Heaven Crowded!

This program is designed to build a like-valued community while empowering each person by deepening their connection to God and the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Each group meets in person to complete a disciple-focused study to equip them to share their God story and the gospel wherever they work or hang out. During this time, each person will receive countless hours of one-on-one guidance, prayer, and mentorship from their disciple mentors (think Paul to Timothy, or Timothy to Titus, or Jesus to the 12+). 

This program only accepts a limited number of disciples per group (we call them collectives) to ensure each disciple gets personalized attention and guidance. 

Funding this program costs real money just like anything else.  This funding is covered by generous tax-deductible donations from people like you. 

Are You interested in sponsoring a young adult through this program or making a donation to support this mission? 

  • Biblical Accuracy

  • Holy Spirit guidance

  • deeper God relationship

  • like-valued community

  • mentorship

  • accountability

  • empowerment

  • ordination

Still have questions?

We have answers to most FAQ How old do I have to be? -a mature 16 to 28 Why 28? -Bc it's a 2 year program and our max age to complete it is 30 Is it only for guys? -NO! The verses often quoted to keep women our of leadership roles in the church are taken out of context and misused. We encourage ladies to join us! We were founded and are led by a woman. Why only young adults? -BC the modern church is broken and it will take a bold and courageous generation to make the gospel approachable for most young people. Where do we meet? -Locals meet in homes, coffee shops, and community rooms near WPB-PSL, FL. As we continue to grow, we are spreading across America. How much does it cost? -thanks to GENEROUS donations, there is no cost to the disciples. If you or your family would like to help us fund this program, please go to the support page. What curriculum do you use? We begin with deep dives into Scripture. The original collective is currently writing a book that will be used to lead groups through the most common and meaningful questions with Biblically accurate answers. All based on what this generations questions are. How often do you start a new course group? - We call them collectives, and there are multiple Discipleship Collectives each year. They are based on when each group is ready to begin and the day and time they will meet. As a Collective member is ready to step out, they will be invited to lead a new collective with the oversight and support of our Founder, SaraJane. Have more questions? - click the chat button and we will answer whatever questions you have.

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