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Legit SaraJane is a dynamic speaker who teaches essential life skills. Knowing that these skills, at one time taught to all kids, have now been lost in modern society. She realizes that by teaching these skills, all people will have the opportunity to THRIVE in the adult world, instead of just surviving it. By using a proprietary layered teaching approach, her audience will learn multiple skills at once, allowing them to fall in love with the process of learning no matter their learning style or educational background.


LSJ has been speaking and teaching for over 25 years, including working with over 200 start-up clients. She supported them to turn their dreams into profitable businesses. She also taught public high school and currently volunteers with 160 teens a week. With many years of experience engaging large audiences and small groups, she brings comfort and excitement to all of her speaking engagements. Combining Real- Life Truths with Modern Application and Simplicity, she can create a true impact for audiences of various demographics.


With more than 10,000 hours on stage and impacting over 9.5 million families in the last 3 years, she's bringing her exciting, funny, and innovative programs to your community. Intentionally focused on teens, parents, and young adults, she can impact each age group in ways that create Immediate and Lasting growth. Teaching her audiences and clients how to become The Best Possible Version Of Themselves and finally reach their Full Potential, just as God designed, is the purpose she was created for.

Meet Legit SaraJane

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